CEO Vo Minh Hai with long-term experience in the field of architectural models, along with a team of professional technicians, brings high quality products, guaranteed delivery schedule, reasonable prices in order to meet the requirements and different needs of each customer.

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We have worked with many customers from domestic to foreign countries (Hong Kong, Thailand …), we always listen and share reasonable solutions to the cheapest as well as saving as much time as possible for each Customer. We are always ready to consult FREE for customers 24/24 to find the best plan to implement the project most successfully.


Specialization of each part: closely combining from checking drawings, exporting files accurately, cutting standard files to size, painting colors with sharpness and authenticity. meticulously and carefully assemble, decorate trees, vehicles, people, furniture, complete electrical system … to perfect the model in the most perfect way.

Nguyen Vo Co., Ltd specializes in constructing architectural models and real estate discusses, founded by a team of experienced, professional and enthusiastic architects and technicians. To create complete, quality, sharp, honest architectural model products that require combining many elements from ingenuity, meticulousness to the smallest details, creativity and combination of pages. Modern equipment such as cutting machines, laser engraving, CNC machines. 

Architectural models can be processed on any material such as: mica, wood, synthetic resins, etc. and models are painted with anti-fading epoxy paint over time. 


With a team of experienced architects and technicians, who have been working for a long time in the field of architectural models, Nguyen Vo Company brings products such as apartments, buildings, resorts, planning, factories, Contest plans, IPs, KDC …… are of high quality, vivid, honest, sharp. Guaranteed delivery schedule, reasonable price to meet the requirements and different needs of each customer.

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If you are looking for a professional architectural model manufacturing partner, please contact us. We will advise in detail, make plans suitable with the company’s budget and ensure the highest product quality.

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